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Jacks Homepage!

Hello boys and girls, I'm Jack! I'm six years old and I go to Big School! My dad has taken lots of photo's over the past year so you should see new pictures appear soon! Don't forget to also read about my little sister Rebecca!

Born: 26th June 1999, Wirral, England.
Best Friend: My little sister Rebecca
Favourite Drinks: Fruit Shoots!
Favourite Foods: Chicken and Chips!
Favourite Telly: Tweenies, Mr Men!
Favourite Music: Teletubbies music
Favourite Games: Scalextric!
Interests: Star Wars, Computer Games
Passions: Maths and Trains!
Ambitions: Want to be a Fireman
My Heros: Harry Potter!

My first week at school in 2003!
I'm a Serious Big Brother!
This is me in 1999! I like to play with computers and PlayStations! I can beat mum at Tekken any time. I like to bash keyboards up and I can make my dads iMac roll off the table when i push it hard enough.