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Rebecca's Homepage -

Rebeccas Homepage!

Hello! I'm Rebecca and I'm now 4 years old! I finally got my own web page now I'm a big girl! You can read all about me and see how big I am in my new pictures! Don't forget to also read about my big brother Jack!

Born: 4th May 2001, Wirral, England.
Best Friend: My big brother Jack
Favourite Drinks: Milkshakes!
Favourite Foods: Chips and Chicken Nuggets!
Favourite Telly: Balamory and Boobahs!
Favourite Music: Bob the builder song!
Favourite Games: Dolls & Teddies!
Interests: Tigers and Lions!
Passions: Painting and Dancing.
Ambitions: Want to be a doctor!
My Heros: Barbie!

This is me with my big brother Jack!

I don't always like to pose for photos!

Here's me on my second birthday!